What people say about GWCA…

I called GWCA because I found “my daughter” and she was listed with GWCA. We had already started with another agency, so we would have to switch. Jessie was immediately helpful, kind, and courteous. She took her time to talk to me and discuss all my questions in great detail. Now just a few short weeks later, we find ourselves matched with our daughter and could not be happier! We are beyond thrilled with the service we have been given up to this point!
– The Parks Family
As we were in the process of sorting through countries and agencies, I have exchanged emails & phone calls with CAN, and I have been entirely impressed with the timeliness, patience, and specificity when answering any questions I have had. I have felt hope in what we feel like God is calling our family to, that with the right people working alongside us, it will happen! I have also loved all of the resources available through the website. 
Lora was a pleasure to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Perfect blend of excellent attributes. I would recommend Lora as a referral counselor with no reservations and give her high marks all around.
– The Ewing Family
Very pleased with the entire travel phase – great job Kayley!!!Kayley made the travel phase seamless and stress free! She explained in detail everything that would take place, what steps we needed to do and everything worked out exactly as she stated. It made this portion of the total adoption process the easiest and least stressful. The entire travel phase (before and in China) was great! The guides in China were also amazing! Emma and Kelly went above and beyond and really made the stay more of a 5 star guided event. They took care of everything, so that we could focus on our new son, without having to worry about what paperwork or meeting we had to be at next.
– The Olson Family
Despite living in Minnesota and Great Wall headquarters being based in Texas, I always felt I was treated as if I were family. My questions and concerns were always promptly addressed. After a wonderful experience the first time around, I couldn’t imagine using any other agency for my second!
– The Mercil Family

We are so glad we chose the Premier Plan! The best part about the Premier Plan includes Great Wall staff completing the dossier for you. We would not have been able to complete our dossier within 4 months without using the Plan. We highly recommend it.
– The Johnson Family

We chose Great Wall because they specialize in Chinese adoption and it has been the best decision we’ve ever made.”
– The Steiner Family

From beginning to end it has been a great experience. Great Wall was there for us 24-7 in our effort to bring Joci home. We cannot stress the gratitude we express towards Great Wall in all phases of the adoption process. Thank you, although the waiting period has been stressful at times, for making this experience a joyful one.
– The Badessa Family

Although Great Wall is located hundreds of miles away from us and we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of the Great Wall staff, we still feel connected to them. They are the lifeline to our daughter. We couldn’t be happier with the way we have been treated and the assistance we have been given; professionalism with patience, kindness, and caring from the heart.
– The Helleis Family

The Waiting Child team was very helpful over the months we hoped to find our daughter. The Waiting Child Manager was a true blessing to have on our side. She was sensitive, caring, and always concerned about what was best for us as we tried to make decisions about our future daughter. Thank you for your faith in us, and for helping us to build our family.
– The Hunsberger Family

We originally started with a local agency in our state. Great Wall was our second choice… because it wasn’t located in Georgia. To our surprise, our calls and emails weren’t returned until almost two weeks later. We didn’t get that warm fuzzy feeling. We then elected to change to Great Wall and immediately it was blue skies again. Our calls and emails were returned within 24 hours and often sooner. It’s been a great experience thus far thanks to the caring, dedicated staff at Great Wall!
– The Adams Family

I used another agency for my first adoption in 1999 as I did not know about Great Wall. While I was satisfied with my first adoption experience and absolutely overcome with love for my oldest daughter, my experience with Great Wall was lightyears above compared to the level of service from my first agency. I was certain that living in Pennsylvania would cause problems in communication and timing since Great Wall headquarters are in Texas. This was absolutely not the case. I received better articulated and much more frequent communication with Great Wall.
– The Hoban Family

We adopted our first daughter through another agency and when we decided we wanted to adopt again from China, our first agency wouldn’t help us because we appeared at first glance to not be qualified. We appreciated the time Great Wall spent trying to make a second adoption work for us. Because of that, we were able to qualify with China and bring our darling angel home. Both my Chinese daughters Hope and Grayce are amazing children. Thank you Great Wall. Because of your dedication, our family is complete and we have an awesome daughter who is achieving her goals and dreams of happiness.
– The Valentino Family

When we were ready to adopt from China a second time, we knew we wanted an agency that provided better communication than our first agency did. We found that and more with Great Wall! Every email and phone call was answered quickly and competently – which is very reassuring to the waiting family.Thank you!
– The McCloskey Family
Of all the agencies we’ve talked to (around 20), CAN, by far, has had the best correspondence. They have been so patient with my questions and very prompt in responding. The website is very thorough, too.
GWCA was extremely helpful and took the time to explain the process, answer all of our questions, and helped us feel comfortable with starting the process. Your website is significantly better than other adoption agency sites. The information is clear and easy to understand. Presenting general costs up front for some of the countries was quite helpful.
Excellent. Communicative. Responds quickly. Kind. Polite. Amazing.
 Prompt and helpful feedback. Very impressed with the personal attention that we have been given thus far. 

What people say about our Matching Specialists…


Heidi always got back to us with clear answers of my questions. We have been bugging her with so many questions in the past months and she never got upset. She maintains high professionalism and positive attitudes. She is a great person to be trust. We are very happy with the service she provided. Thank you l, thank you!

Heidi Rogers provided a wealth of information to us and after speaking with her, my husband and I are very comfortable to work with GWCA during this important time in our lives.

Heidi was so patient with us as we looked through several files and requested updated information. She is very knowledgeable about the process and always very helpful. She has been a joy to work with.

Heidi was amazing to work with! She was very friendly, kind and extremely helpful. She always returned emails or phone calls promptly and answered all of our questions. We were so pleased with the service we received. We are so thankful for all of her help through this process.

Heidi is fantastic to work with. She answers all my questions and gives me plenty of time to talk through whatever issue is at hand. I appreciate the way she gets back to me in a timely manner. She is always pleasant on the phone. She is upfront and honest. I am incredibly thankful for the role she has played in our adoption.

Heidi was very helpful with the information she gave me over the phone. She is always prompt with her email responses and provides us with the right/important information right away.

My experience with Heidi, Kate, and the Waiting Child Team has been a blessing. This is my first adoption and they have been extremely patient, kind, and most understanding. They are very quick to answer any questions that I have, and I have had many! They have also been so supportive throughout this process and have given me much needed reassurance. I truly appreciate you all!

I have been communicating with Heidi over the past month regarding a few waiting children, and she has been wonderful — always responding quickly with helpful information.

It was great working with Heidi. She put up with my nagging emails and never seemed as if they were annoying. She was always kind and helpful. This is a very stressful process as a family and knowing that was there to help and listen was very helpful and comforting.

Heidi has a great heart for orphans. She seems to always be in a great mood and is a pleasure to speak with. Her patience gives us great comfort in the process and she has great tips for kiddos and families alike. :)

I could not have imagined a counselor as caring as Heidi. She answered all my emails and calls so promptly. Even during an emotional referral decision, her calm demeanor and pragmatic answers helped us through a rough week. She puts the children first, and it is good to know that we share the same priority in finding the right fit for everyone. I feel that I cannot praise her efforts enough. She has found her calling, and we are eternally grateful for her.

Heidi was easy to work with and very patient with us. She did a great job!


Mallory and your whole team are the most efficient, professional and helpful group of people I’ve dealt with. I can’t thank you enough and tell you how nice it is to have someone helping me that sincerely cares & wants to support us through this exciting, but nerve-racking process. Thank you so much for everything!!

Mallory has been wonderful! While the waiting is difficult she has been very proactive in communication and answering questions.

Mallory has been wonderful!  Very detailed in explanations, and totally “real” and personable!  Her excitement for us adopting was also tremendously encouraging and reassuring for us starting in this overwhelming process!

Your waiting child team is awesome! We were evaluating 3 agencies when we first spoke to Mallory and she was so informative and really made us feel welcome and confident in our choice to proceed with Great Wall. Most importantly she helped us find our son who we are now in process for! We had inquired about him and his file needed a little clarifying and she helped take us through the steps of finding a specialist familiar with international adoptions to help us. She also was able to quickly work with our son’s orphanage to get an update that helped us make our decision to move forward. We are so happy we did! Turns out his file was ready to go back in just two days and she was so calm yet quick to respond and guide us through the process of applying and submitting our LOI for him. We are now just days away from probably receiving PA. We are so happy that we chose Great Wall’s Waiting Child Team. We would recommend you and already have! Thank you again!

The matching process can be emotional but GWCA walked us through every part of it with great care. Their desire was to find the exact child that was meant for our family and did not give up until we found that child. We felt cared for and our desires valued through the process. We are forever grateful for their passion as it led us to our children

Mallory has been so responsive, understanding, and friendly. We also like the joy and enthusiasm expressed through the website.

This was our first adoption and we started like many by doing research on adoption agencies. We spoke with several and when we talked with our matching specialist at Great Wall we immediately knew they would be our agency. She was very friendly and informative. What stood about her is that she took the time to explain the adoption process carefully and was very welcoming of our questions. I was also amazed at how lightening fast she always was to respond to those questions! The most important part of our matching experience with her is that she matched us with our beautiful child! Our matching specialist really pushed for information we needed. She also carefully guided us to move to the next phase in our process so we could work quickly to bring our baby home.  We are forever grateful to our matching specialist and to Great Wall for helping us find our sweet child.  We really have enjoyed working with the entire team at Great Wall and would not hesitate to use them again for our next adoption. I would and have already in fact recommended them to our family and friends!


Meredith was wonderful to work with. She was professional and kind. This is my second adoption from China, the first time with GW, and the adoption process is mixed with excitement and nervousness. I;m sure I’m not the only parent that loses their ability to remember even the simplest things during the process and Meredith answered every question, every time, no matter how often it had been re-asked, with patience and kindness. She is a great employee on your team. I have had a great experience with GW throughout my entire process. Ever employee that has spoken to me has been kind and helpful and encouraging. I love the organization that this agency has implemented. I was used to a smaller agency where one person did everything and that was great. I really didn’t know how I’d like constantly changing people from one step of the process to another. I understood it was a much larger agency and would need this difference in place and I will say GW has done a great job organizing that process.I would highly recommend GW to anyone. I look forward to the process of bringing my beautiful second daughter home now.
Thank you everyone for making a seemingly impossible dream come true!!

Meredith was absolutely fabulous! She seemed as excited as I was about the whole process of getting matched with our child. I’m sure she had other clients but she made us feel like we were her #1 priority. I’m sure the others felt the same. She answered each question I had and always provided more info. While being encouraging and optimistic, she also let me know of the possible hurdles we could face working with a foreign country as to not paint a picture that wasn’t realistic. She was helpful & knowledgeable even in answering questions that weren’t necessarily her area or job description. And if I asked anything that wasn’t her area, she quickly found out and got right back to me. Meredith and I talked every day and if she didn’t live in Texas and I in Indiana, I’m sure we would have been hugging and high-fiving during the steps like “locking” and “pre-approval” etc. I couldn’t recommend Meredith and my experience so far with GWCA any higher. They have helped match us with a little girl in China, our daughter, and are working hard to help us bring her home to her waiting family here in Indiana.

Meredith was amazing! She answered all of our questions and responded quickly to emails and voicemail. More than anything, she was a support and encouragement to us as we hurriedly gathered and completed our documents. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Meredith has been a pleasure to work with. She was friendly, quick to respond with communications and always followed up in a timely manner. Her excitement for us and building our family was felt and appreciated.

Everything has been outstanding! We could not be happier working with Meredith Chambers. We are lucky!
Meredith was very kind, polite and professional.

Meredith’s passion for her job is evident in everything she does. She goes above and beyond, and is patient, positive and professional in person, over the phone and in email communications. We really felt she cared about our child and our family — it wasn’t just “a job” for her. She is a great asset to Great Wall, and we are so thankful she was our counselor!

This is my husband’s and my first experience with the adoption process so we are always questioning what we are doing in the process and hoping we are doing it correctly. Meredith has always been very helpful in answering our questions or getting us to the person who can.

We’ve had a very positive experience with Meredith. She not only was always helpful but was also encouraging and excited right along w/us!

Meredith was amazing to work with and matched us with the most PERFECT little boy ever!


Hilary has been extremely helpful. We’ve talked several times and our interactions with her essentially cemented our desire to adopt through CAN.

Definitely know that we were in good hands the entire time. We chose to do the dossier ourselves but Hilary was always there to answer questions along the way. We were definitely handled very professionally. Very excited about the next phase and the next expert to work with in the referral process. Ready to bring our son home but understand that it is a process and glad that GWCA is with us along the way.

Hilary was amazing! My initial interaction with Hilary was back in October 2015 when I called with several questions concerning CAN and their Uganda adoption program. She was so patient with me and prepared, and I really felt at ease on the phone with her. I go off our phone call and in all seriousness said to my husband, “I would go with CAN if it meant I was working with Hilary.”

Hilary was wonderful at explanng the process and making sure we were on task. She was also quick to respond to any probems with our dosser so correctons could be made quickly. She was a joy to work with and we wish we would have purchased the dossier service earlier. Thank you Hilary, you are a gift to our family.

Hilary was always helpful and patient with my questions. I appreciate her promptness and the enthusiasm with which she performed her role.

We worked with Hilary through most of the process with Erin stepping in at the end. Both did an excellent job at communicating with me. They were always responsive and timely with their responses. They helped us navigate the paperwork process very well. It was a pleasure to work with them both. I am also glad that I get to work with Hilary in the referral stage.

Very helpful and responsive staff.  Website most clear of any agency I have researched.  Thank you.


Shelby has been an amazing resource and great help with answering all of our questions. She always took the time to speak to me over long periods of time and was able to offer helpful advice. We are very appreciative of her support so far and look forward to working together with the rest of the staff.

I LOVE working with the staff at CAN. Cayce and Shelby are awesome!!!!

The website is very informative and Shelby has been extremely helpful and responsive, even providing me with a couple of families that have adopted through Latvia and CAN that I could speak with.

Thanks so much for your hard work. I have appreciated your quick response to emails and calls. This waiting business is not easy and feel that you handled every one of my emails with kindness. Just wanted to say thank you.”

Shelby Thomas was very helpful in providing links about CAN via email.

Great and informational speaking with Shelby about the Philippines adoption process.


Diedra was SPECTACULAR! We struggled with our home study agency as far as quality of work and well, just reaching them, so teh paper chase process was frustrating for us. Diedra was there for us and when we couldn’t reach our social worker, I could always reach Diedra. In fact, Diedra’s advice and information were actually more accurate than the information we received from our local home study agency. Diedra made this portion of the journey much more enjoyable and EASY for us! Thank you so much Great Wall…thank you for Diedra! She is truly an asset to your organization and an angel to the families she works with! :)

Diedra did a great job of helping us get matched with our little girl! After reviewing multiple files, she encouraged us to hang in there until the right child for our family came along! We have felt that she really cares about these waiting children and finding their family! After working with Diedra for almost 2 years, I have really learned to appreciate her and how knowledgeable she is about the adoption process!

We were blown away by the service provided. Having each task broken down into achievable steps made it so much easier than we anticipated. And if ever there was a question, Diedra Connolly had the answer for us – immediately!
We feel really lucky to be working with Ms. Connolly and with Great Wall.

There are not enough words with which to sing Diedra’s praises. Diedra is amazingly talented, always helpful, patient, kind, understanding and simply brilliant. Diedra is a credit to GWCA and a gift to any adoptive parent fortunate enough to work with her.

Working with Diedra has been an incredible expreince for me. I can’t brag enough about her. I first encountered Diedra last fall while trying to obtain our child’s file from another agency. Due to extenuating circumstances we had to wait 3 months before finally getting it. Diedra was always there to encourage us, support us and alleviate any concerns we had while waiting. She was very professional but also very compassionate. I also found Diedra to be extremely knowledgable of the process and was always able to quickly locate an answer if she didn’t immediately have one. Diedra is a blessing to us and to GWCA and she will always be dear to us. Thank you for having her on your team – She is a true asset to the field.

Without doubt (and without exaggeration) I can say that without Diedra I would not be waiting for my referral today. Somehow she saw me from afar and knew me better than a local social worker did. She encouraged me, explained to me, and I sense that she included me in her prayers. She brings passion, high-level competencies and deep knowledge to her job, and I’m sure I am just one of many, many people who benefit.

Referral was a very excited phase for us as our adoption really felt real at that time. There were a couple of people who we had been working with that moved on to other opportunities outside of Great Wall. We became nervous as we still had tons of questions about the process. Diedra stepped right in a took over. She was patient and encouraging throughout the process. She took lots of time to explain things and cover details as we moved forward. She is very natural at “customer service” and we felt very valued in the process.
Thanks Diedra!


Travel was a great experience for us! Our paperwork was caught in a delay that caused us to wait 4 weeks (if I recall correctly) for TA. During that time we because frustrated as we watched other families obtain theirs in 3-4 days. Kayley was fantastic and took lots of time to explain everything to me over the phone. When we ended the call, I felt much more comfortable. Kayley even went above and beyond to email us each waiting day after our call to tell us one way or another if we had TA. This was great because our TA for our kiddos came on separate days.

Travel itself was planned very well! We enjoyed the tours, and the days were planned well to allow good amounts of free time throughout our trip. We also appreciated Heidi’s preparation call.

We look forward to working with Great Wall again someday for another adoption!

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