3 Reasons to Start Your Latvia Adoption Process

Many of the families in our Latvia adoption program choose to participate in our Orphan Hosting program to get a general idea of what the process is like. It’s a great way to connect with Latvia and get a sense of what the adoption process ahead could hold while giving a child the chance to see what the world outside of Latvia has to offer!

Below are three reasons why you should consider getting started with your adoption process right away, rather than waiting until after the hosting program:

1. The Kids are AMAZING

The kids in Latvia come from various backgrounds but the one thing they have in common is that they are all AMAZING! The kids in adoption range from 9-15 years old. Most don’t have any medical concerns. They come from rough pasts and need someone to give them the chance they deserve. No child deserves to not have a family. Many of the children have some concept of English if they aren’t already fluent! They are charming, sweet, and so ready to see what America is all about!

2. Matching

In the Latvia adoption process, once a family’s dossier has been submitted they are put in line to receive their referral. If your family begins the adoption process prior to hosting, and you do not move forward with the adoption of your host child, you will have the option to receive a referral through the traditional Latvia adoption program.

3.One Step Closer to Bringing Your Child Home! 

With Latvia Hosting, it is common for families to re-host their child if they are hoping to pursue their adoption. Depending on the length of time that it takes a family to complete their adoption, they may end up re-hosting multiple times. If your family is prepared to begin the Latvia adoption process, we encourage you to get started right away so that you can complete the process and bring your child home as soon as possible!

If your family would like more information on our Latvia adoption program, contact our CAN adoption specialists today!

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Ana Spotts

My goal as a promotion specialist for GWCA and CAN is to advocate for the Waiting Children in our international adoption programs to help them find loving Forever Families.


  • Marcia 2:00 am - March 17, 2017

    How many weeks is it necessary to be in Latvia?

    • Ana Spotts 2:04 pm - March 17, 2017

      Hi Marcia, thanks so much for reaching out! Latvia requires families to make three trips to finalize their adoptions. The first trip is bonding period for the family and their child, and is approximately one month long. Unlike many other programs, Latvia allows families to bring their child back to the United States with them after this bonding trip so that they can continue the bonding process. The second trip is much quicker, only 3-5 days, and only one parent is required to travel. lastly, the third and final trip is typically about one week long.

      If you have any other questions about our Latvia adoption program, our CAN team would love to speak with you! You can reach our Latvia adoption specialist, Shelby, at shelby@childrenofallnations.com. Thanks!

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