CCCWA Shares Their Heritage Tour Experience

This summer we sent 49 children on the CCCWA Summer Heritage Tour. Our children and families toured China and learned all about their homeland. Some of the children even got to visit their orphanage. CCCWA released a wonderful article about the event. They displayed several picture of Director Li and their children. We are so honored to participate in such a unique experience. It’s not too late to begin registering for next year’s CCCWA Heritiage Tour!

Read CCCWA’s Article Here!


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Hosting Kids Need Forever Families NOW

Our China summer host program has come to a close. Now comes the big task, bringing all of these kiddos home for good! Several of these kiddos are being adopted by their host families or have found a family because of this program, however there are a few kiddos that still NEED families. Their host families have been advocating for them since day one and brought them here to the U.S. to try and help them find a family. TTheir host families are more than excited to talk to prospective families and share all of their experiences. If you can’t bring one of these kiddos home, at least share this blog so we can bring these little ones home for good!

Meet Tanner!

My name is Tanner and I am 7 years old. I have swollen glands under my tongue and some hearing loss in my right ear. I am lively kid and just returned to China from a hosting trip in the United States. I am hoping to be able to return one day with my forever family.

Meet Gwen!

Hi, my name is Gwen and I am 8 years old. Some of my muscles are weak and I need some help but other than that I am a lot like my peers. I was just hosted by a family in the United States and had so much fun. They are helping me find a forever family, and I hope to one day return to the U.S. forever!

Meet Gavin!

Hi! I’m Gavin! I just started school at home last September and am learning a lot! I know my numbers and can count different objects I see. I am still working on learning my colors. I like to charm others and I love getting to play with my friends. My doctors helped me correct my cleft in my palate and lip and they also tell me that I am a Hep B carrier. I can hear well but I do have to eat softer foods. My favorite things are watching little bear cartoons and playing with cars and legos.

There is nothing negative to say about him.  He is just a wonderful little boy who would fit in any family. -Gavin’s Host Mom

Meet Bo!

My name is Bo and I am 10 years old. My doctors say that I have Spina Bifida and I need help getting around. I am very friendly and love being active. I just visited the United States for the first time and really enjoyed my stay with my host family. I would love to be able to return someday with a family of my own.

Meet Jim!

HI, I’m Jim and I will be 11 years old soon. I am currently being hosted by a family in the United States and want more than anything to return with a forever family. My doctors say that I have good health. I am a smart boy and I get a long well with my caregivers. I love watching cartoons and playing outside with my friends.

Meet Teddy!

Hi, I’m Teddy I am 6 years old and I am loving my trip to the United States. My doctors say that I have something called Cerebral Palsy, but I obviously don’t let it stop me. My legs are a little weak, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. My host family started a Facebook page to help me find a forever family, it has lots of photos and stories about my visit here in the U.S.

Meet Hope!

Hi, I am Hope and I am 9 years old. I am currently enjoying my time in the U.S. with my host family. My host Mom shared a lot about me in hopes to help me find a forever family.

“Hope is a fun loving 9 year old.  She smiles and laughs alot.  She has cerebral palsy but can walk using a walker and can transfer to low lying chairs as well as use the restroom and dress herself with some assistance. She tries hard but needs encouragement to keep pushing herself to do new things. She responds well to praise. She loves music and after three weeks with our family picked up many songs and even began using phrases in English.  Hope enjoys crafts and will spend hours using markers, making things with foam stickers and always has a pen and paper near by to draw with. While she was part of the hosting program she received glasses which helped her enjoy things like TV shows and movies since she could finally interact with them and know what parts were funny.  She likes the Disney movie Frozen and can sing part of the song “Do you want to build a snowman?”  She also received AFOs (leg braces) and is learning to walk using those and her walker.  We are a large family and she was able to learn our names and get along with each member well.  Hope is strong willed and also a perfectionist. While her initial adjustment to our family was difficult and she had trouble adjusting to schedules, foods and boundaries, she learned to like all American foods and eat well (except pizza!). She benefits from love and a good schedule with consistent boundaries as she learns what it means to be part of a family. Her response to disappointments resembles a much younger child (meltdowns and tantrums). As she made daily progress in our home, these became less frequent. She has learned what it means to have a “mommy”, “daddy” and lots of brothers and sisters but might thrive in a smaller family than ours. We believe she would do well in a family that understands the complex needs of cerebral palsy, who have the physical strength to attend to daily needs and also possibly older siblings that could praise her often. She will need help learning to manage emotions and behaviors in positive ways and how to be part of a family and accept love but not demand constant attention or help with the things she can do for herself. ” – Hope’s Host Mom





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Hosting is Underway

Whew! The kids finally made it. Last week all 26 host kiddos made it safely to their destinations. The chaperones may need a week to recover, but everyone made it in one piece. Stay tuned to our blog andFacebook page as our families share this wonderful experience with us.

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2014 Family Reunion was a Success!

The 2014 Family Reunion was a success! A big thank you to everyone that came out to support us. It was so wonderful meeting families and seeing all of the beautiful children thriving.

Click here to see photos.

Stay tuned as the planning has begun for the 2015 Family Reunion.

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14 Kids Under Six Years Old

A few of our programs have children available under six years old. All of our programs have a wide range of waiting children and more often than not we are seeing older children in most of our programs, however there is still hope for younger children. Have you considered China, Bulgaria or Latvia? These programs all have children available under six years old.
China: The requirements can be strict, but the waiting child process can be relatively easy compared to most. We currently have 14 kids on our China photo listing that are all under six years old. In China most children under six years old are going to have a wide range of medical needs. Many of these needs are manageable, and not as scary as they seem. Our matching team does an excellent job counseling families through the matching process.
Bulgaria: The Bulgaria program has children under six years old as well. The younger the child the longer the wait however the process is fairly simple. The children from Bulgaria typically have some needs but many of their needs can be more emotional vs. medical.
Latvia: Lots of love in Latvia. Once registered in country a family can receive a referral very quickly. The option for younger children is available, the younger, the longer the wait but the process is smooth sailing once you have been matched. Latvia has the option for young healthy children, however the wait averages around five years.
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Staff Spotlight – Lacee

Lacee is one of our stunning International Adoption Consultants, nick-named the ‘Buddy the Elf’ of the office. She has an infectious smile and is full of energy. She translates her positive vibe to the families that she works with and her passion for orphaned children is undeniable.

1. What is your job title and description here at GWCA?

International, Domestic and Embryo Adoption Consultant. I counsel, enlighten and direct potential adoptive parents towards the best possible adoption program fit for their family. 

2. How long have you been working at GWCA?

I began working at GWCA in 2003. I have worked for families as a dossier consultant, referral counselor, outreach coordinator and general adoption consultant during my time here.
3. What do you enjoy most about your job?

Seeing a spark of hope reignite in families who have thought their dreams of adopting were gone for good.

4. What is the most difficult aspect of your job?

Probably, helping families understand and be patient in systems that they do not have much control over.  

4. How have you grown personally from working at GWCA and with their families? 

I have learned that being proactive, honest and taking responsibility for mistakes can be so much more helpful to families than pretending or hoping mishaps and unexpected negative events will never happen. When you establish the impression that you are willing to fix problems when they are known to happen and provide families with the most accurate information whether it sounds good or not, people know they can trust you to have their best benefit in mind.

5. Why do you love adoption?

Because I am able to show the world that adoption can open the door to so many opportunities. It opens the door for childless families to have children. It opens the door for parent-less children to have a parent.  It opens the door to providing care and supplies to children who will never be adopted.  It opens the door for communities to rebuild and reunite for a common cause. And finally, because it opens the door for diplomacy between countries who have no other commonality and establishes a trusting foundation for other mutual positive exchanges in the future.  Adoption truly does matter.  Go T.E.A.M.!  

5 Fun Facts About Lacee
  • I am a native Texan and a Daughter of the Texas Republic.
  • I have an unnatural love for automobiles and all things German.
  • I own a farm because dirt, trees and fresh air make me happy.
  • I like to write and illustrate children’s books as a hobby.
  • I love taste testing goat cheese, olive oil and red wine.  
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Exciting News – Welcome Home

We are thrilled to welcome home two of our CAN families from two very exciting trips. One family is returning home from Ethiopia and their 2nd court date, just one step closer to completing their forever family!

Another family is coming home from Bulgaria with their adoption finalized! This family has shared their sweet blog with us that discusses their beautiful journey to bring their daughter home.

We are so happy for these families!

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CAN I Adopt Internationally?

Have you ever wondered what country would be most suitable for your family to adopt from? Are all the country requirements too complicated to understand? CAN has developed a new simple tool for your family to determine what country fits your family. Click here to check out our NEW country matching system.

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Summer Hosting Adoption Scholarships

GWCA/CAN is SUPER excited to announce that we are giving away up to $25,000 in ADOPTION SCHOLARSHIPS for the 2014 SUMMER HOST CHILDREN! This applies to any families that move forward to adopt a child they host from the 2014 Summer China or Philippines hosting programs. Every sibling group in the Philippines WILL have a scholarship. Scholarship amounts are subject to a committee decision on amounts and who receives the scholarship.

Get Started!

  • Families must submit proof of income, scholarship application form and motivation letter to be considered.
  • Families must be adopting through the 2014 Summer China and Philippines hosting programs. Scholarships are not applicable to past host families or for any children who were not hosted.
  • Families must have turned in an agency application and contract to adopt in order to be granted a scholarship prior to August 15th.

Early applications will be accepted and given special consideration (an agency application and contract can be turned in at any time before August 15th, however scholarship applications will not be reviewed until these are received.)
Scholarship awards will be announced by August 29th and recipients will receive a notification from GWCA/CAN. Scholarship applications will be distributed to families who have applied to adopt through GWCA/CAN. Please contact your adoption counselor for a scholarship application if you have already applied to adopt through GWCA/CAN.

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We are looking forward to your family joining us this summer for the Great Wall China Adoption and Children of All Nations 2014 Family Reunion. Our theme is “T.E.A.M.” – Tell Everyone Adoption Matters, so help us spread the word!

WHEN: Friday June 20th and June 21st 2014 in the greater Austin, Texas area.

WHO: All GWCA/CAN families in all stages of the adoption process are invited (and encouraged) to attend! Pack your suitcases and head on down to the heart of Texas for a fun day by the lake! You’ll have the opportunity to meet our staff as well as fellow adoptive families! This year we are also encouraging potential families to attend; what better way to learn more about adoption than to participate in an event like this? Encourage your friends to join us as well!

WHAT: Friday night we will be attending the Round Rock Express baseball game. Meet us there at 6:30pm. (The ticket to the game is included in your registration.)

Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm we will have picnic and field day events at Brushy Creek Park in Cedar Park, Tx. There is a splash pad, fishing lake, play equipment and hiking trails at the park. We will bring inflatable games, food, and beverages. There will be places to sit, but if you’re not coming by plane, you might want to bring along your lawn chairs, sun umbrellas, yard games, blankets, swimsuits, sun block and anything else you need for a day in the park. If you wish to have additional drinks, please plan to bring your own coolers.

WHERE: Friday – Dell Diamond 400 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665.          (We will meet at the main home plate entrance.)
Saturday – Brushy Creek Park 2901 Brushy Creek Rd, Cedar Park, TX 78613.

FOOD: We have recruited our male staff to be the ‘master grillers’. We will have hotdogs for lunch. There will be plenty for all. Soft drinks, juice and water will also be available. (If you are a local family and would like to help donate food, ice chests, tables, etc. please reach out to or

REGISTRATION: $25 per person.
Registration includes:
Entrance to the Family Reunion
Food and drink at the Reunion

Unlimited access to Inflatable Games
Participation in all other activities and games
One raffle ticket
One ticket to the Round Rock Express Baseball Game(Friday Night)

2014 TEAM GWCA/CAN T-Shirt

And a weekend full of making memories

For information and to register visit our reunion site.

Like our Facebook page for more event updates like this.

If you have any questions, please contact April at 512.323.9595 x 3061, or Shannon at ext 3092,

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