Two New Haiti Referrals

haiti5We are so happy to announce that one of the families in our Haiti adoption program has just received referrals for TWO children! This is such an incredible milestone in their adoption journey, and we are so glad that we get to share in their excitement as they prepare to travel for their bonding trip. Congratulations and safe travels from all of us at Children of All Nations!

Is your family interested in learning more about CAN’s Haiti adoption program? Each of our international adoption programs are unique, and our matching specialists are always happy to speak to families to help them find the one that’s the perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for a program with younger healthy kiddos or Waiting Children, our Haiti program could be right for you! Visit our Haiti adoption page or contact our CAN matching specialists today to learn more.

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Calling All Orphan Warriors!

Earlier this month our CAN matching specialist, Hilary, had the opportunity to meet several children in Bulgaria who are in need of families. We recently received the file for one of these kiddos, and we are SO incredibly hopeful that he will find a loving Forever Family. We are unable to share his photo on our blog, so if you’re interested in learning more about him or viewing his photos, visit our CAN Waiting Child photo listing today!
can-cc1On my recent trip to Bulgaria I had the privilege of meeting one of the amazing children that we currently have with our agency. The name he has been given for advocacy is Kirk and he is 12 years old. He currently lives in a smaller group home in Sofia  and is doing well. He is working on his English, has good relationships with his peers, he is ALWAYS smiling, and did I mention that he is healthy!

Kirk is beginning to loose hope of finding a forever family because he is getting older. When he heard someone was coming from American to meet him (me) he thought they were coming to adopt him. After a conversation with the orphanage director he realized I was coming to meet him to help advocate and find him a forever family. We only have his file until December 5, 2016. Kirk mentioned he did not feel this was enough time to find him a family and I would love to prove him wrong by matching him as soon as possible! So, this means we have 38 days to match him.

He is more than deserving of having a forever family and even if you are not in a place to adopt I would greatly appreciate it if you could share my story with anyone you know that might be interested in learning more about him.

Help me, help him, find a forever family!

You can visit our CAN Waiting Child photo listing to see pictures of Kirk or request his full file! If you’re interested in speaking with the CAN matching specialist that met Kirk earlier this month, contact

Click here to visit the CAN Waiting Child photo listing!

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Hope. Help. Haiti.



The hurricane devastation in Haiti is unlike anyone could imagine. The southern region of Haiti was hit incredibly hard and even the regions that received minimal damage are suffering as well. The price for food and water has sky rocketed because so many supplies are needing to be brought in by boats and planes…The children at the creches we are partnered with are safe but if you are looking for ways to give back, additional prayer requests, and more then we must go back to the original reason why I named this blog what it is and HopeHelp, and Haiti.

We all must start with Hope. We must hope and pray that the adoption process will become more and more concrete as Haiti continues with the Hague process. And, thankfully during the hurricane IBESR was only closed for three days and we have not seen much a delay with the adoption process. Continue to Hope that the children are being provided for during harsh conditions such as hurricane Matthew. And, Hope that all of the children will find forever families.

Secondly we all should get involved and Help. For individuals looking for ways to get involved, families adopting, or families already home with their children there are so many ways you can get involved and Help Haiti. Our agency in particular has a sponsorship page to help fund the creches and we will also be launching our Second Annual Haiti Holidays Donation Drive on November 1st. Everything sent in for Haiti Holidays will go directly to the creches and children in Haiti. Just by getting involved in these two ways can tremendously Help the children in Haiti.

And, third. Haiti. We must grant ourselves patience as we work and adopt from a third world country, continue to send prayers filled with light and love, get involved, and remain true to the reasons we all chose to have Haiti part of our lives. 

This blog was written by CAN’s Haiti adoption specialist, Hilary. Check out her blog to see other posts from her trip to Haiti, Bulgaria and Poland, or contact her at to learn how you can begin your adoption journey today!

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CAN Families Traveling!

a8e03580-3895-4e08-8a23-99fb7855ebadThere are countless exciting moments in each adoption journey, from the moment you begin submitting your paperwork to the moment you’re matched with your child. We love celebrating each of these moments as every step forward means a family is one step closer to having their child in their arms.

This week we are celebrating milestones for FOUR incredible families in our CAN adoption programs.

Welcome Home!

We would like to welcome home two families who have just traveled. One family who is adopting through one of our Africa adoption programs has just returned from a bonding trip with their kiddo, and one family has just returned from Latvia, bringing their kiddo home FOREVER!

We are so happy to know that you have all made it home safely, and we can’t wait to continue following your journeys!

One Step Closer!

In addition to welcoming two families home this week, we are delighted to announce that two other families have just received notice that they will be traveling soon! One of these families will be traveling to Bulgaria for a bonding trip, and the other family will be traveling to the Philippines to welcome the newest member of their family!

Congratulations to all four of these incredible families from all of us at Children of All Nations! For more information on CAN’s international adoption programs, contact today!

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Finding Forever Families


We just received another update from Bulgaria! Today our CAN team had the opportunity to visit another orphanage and meet some of the incredible kiddos that are hoping to find their Forever Families – read their latest post below to learn more about their experience:

Sometimes finding families for certain children is really really hard. It takes a lot of creativity, determination, and passion to help these children find families that will give them and show them the love they deserve. In international adoption the most difficult children to place are those with special needs, older children (especially boys), and larger sibling groups. Many families who follow my Haiti blog know just how big of an impact older children have made in my life and advocating for them is a large portion of what I do EVERYDAY.

Today, I visited an orphanage with older children. As we walked towards the building we saw a couple of older boys peaking through the curtains and they began yelling to us outside. As we started getting closer the children opened the doors and greeted us with very happy hellos in their adorable accents. Now, prior to us walking up our rep told us that the young boy we recently received information on to start advocating for will be one of the children at the orphanage. I instantly became more excited because it is completely different to be able to meet the child in person that you are advocating for and if I can find him a family it makes it even more special. Since he is a 12 year old boy I knew that many families would be more interested in him if I had personally met him. Anyways, our rep went on to say that the orphanage director had to have a couple of talks with him because he thought we were coming from America to adopt him. Wait…Did I hear our rep correctly? This young, sweet boy thinks I am coming to adopt him…My stomach instantly dropped. Our rep said that the children are conditioned to think that when people are coming from the states it is solely to adopt someone. The director reiterated to the child that I was coming to meet him and help advocate but we would not be adopting him and he would not be leaving with us today. Talk about breaking my heart. Apparently the boy did not actually believe she was telling the truth until our rep arrived with us and again confirmed with him that we were just there to help advocate. These are the realities often forgotten when it comes to older child adoptions. They wait…and wait…and wait..for a large majority of their lives to be adopted and they know that with every passing day their chances become smaller and smaller. Can you imagine being a 12 year old boy and thinking that a family might not be in the cards for you? Whenever we receive files for children from Bulgaria I have two months to advocate before the file is returned. The young boy told our rep today, “TWO MONTHS?!? That is too short. I need a longer time to find a family.”

Well kid, I agree. So, after meeting this spunky child with a small mohawk, a smile that lights up an entire room, and knows that he wants a family I would say it is time to hit the ground running and find him a forever family. The clock is ticking and all we need is YOU.


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The Bulgarian Way


After wrapping up their stay in Poland, our CAN team headed to Bulgaria to meet with our in-country representative and visit the orphanages that we’re partnered with. Here’s their latest blog post about their experience in Bulgaria thus far:

Bulgaria is a country full of history, statues, culture, and prideful people. But, it is also a country with a lot of orphans. Especially orphans who have special needs or are a part of a larger sibling group. Bulgarian culture includes clothes created with immaculate stitching, dances that date back to generations from long ago, and buildings that have been standing as long as locals ancestors could remember.

As you drive around the city you notice the economic hardships the country has faced and many of the buildings are marked with graffiti. A lot of the children who have been deemed orphans are typically given up do to poverty, parents mental state, and parents socioeconomic status. It is unimaginable to picture giving away your own child simply because you do not have the means to help you and your child survive…But, this is the reality for many parents in Bulgaria. The country is developing a stronger foster care system so thankfully the children are starting to live in a family based environment versus an institution.

I cannot believe this incredible journey is now coming to and end. These past couple of days have been spent meeting with our current partners in country and also building relationships with potential new partners as a means to match more children with forever families. The program itself has grown tremendously over the past year and after this trip I anticipate the number of children matched per year to double, at least.

Today we are going to an orphanage and I will get to meet one of the children whose file we recently received. Stay tuned!

Our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program is a great fit for families that are open to children with needs or sibling groups. Unlike many other international adoption programs, our Bulgaria Waiting Child program allows families to request a match towards the beginning of their adoption process, rather than waiting until all of their paperwork is submitted. Each month, CAN advocates for a number of Waiting Children and sibling groups from Bulgaria, and their profiles can be found on our Waiting Child photo listing. If you’re interested in learning how you can be matched, contact our CAN matching specialists or visit our photo listing today!

Click here to visit the CAN Waiting Child photo listing!

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Here’s the latest blog post from our CAN matching specialist, Hilary. Hilary is currently traveling with a team from CAN to visit both Poland and Bulgaria in order to meet with adoption centers and visit orphanages. If your family is interested in adopting a child or sibling group from Eastern Europe and you’re interested in learning more about these programs, visit our Poland and Bulgaria pages to learn how you can begin your adoption journey!

OCTOBER 9, 2016
feat-1Traveling abroad teaches you a lot of things; you learn to step out of your comfort zone, taste different foods, experience new cultures and along the way maybe you learn a lot about yourself too. Now, try traveling across the country to meet orphans. These children live a life of vulnerability every single day, and every single time someone unfamiliar walks into the room they light up with excitement because they know you are either a family or you are there to help them find one…In this state, you too become extremely vulnerable. You experience emotions you may not have thought possible and you learn about a sense of determination within yourself you may not have otherwise known. This determination is ignited to find them a forever family.

Traveling to Poland has been my first time to Europe and my second set of orphanages to visit internationally – and I have felt extremely vulnerable the entire trip. The many meetings I have attended I need a translator because I do not understand their language, getting from A to B can be very difficult because I know nothing about subway systems let alone in another language, everywhere I go locals can tell I am not from here, I am starving at random hours, walked 28 miles this week alone and I am exhausted..extremely exhausted. So, now I put myself in an orphaned child’s shoes, shoes which usually are too small or completely worn out. Every time they meet someone like me who is new they most likely don’t understand the language I am speaking, I look different and maybe even act differently. They want to show me everything, tell me everything, and they want to be in every photo I take. Without me telling them that I traveled across the pond just to meet them face to face they already know why I am here.

The first orphanage I traveled to I met a sibling group of three. They have been deemed available for international adoption for sometime now and the director said on the way to meet them that they have given up hope of ever finding a family. The children are older and this unfortunately tends to shy a large majority of families away. As we pulled up to the orphanage the same nauseous feeling always appears as the anticipation of meeting the children rises. We climbed up several flights and I was introduced to another woman who said the children were held back from school and knew someone special was coming to see them(no pressure!). I walked through the center doors and they came running and leaping onto the couches. All three blonde headed and blue eyed cuties. They eagerly shook my hand and sat back down. Engaging with these kids is everything. ALL three of them are amazing. They are so funny, extremely intelligent, and truly want a forever family. However, they know because they are older the chances for them getting a family is slim – and now it’s my job to change that.

If we could all make ourselves a little more vulnerable, speak up, and advocate for others who cannot speak for themselves imagine what a difference we would see in the world.

If you’re interested in learning how you can adopt a child or sibling group from Poland, contact or visit our Poland adoption page today! 

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jumping-for-joyWe currently have two CAN adoption specialists in Poland who are meeting with our representatives, visiting adoption centers and meeting children who are living in the orphanages that CAN is partnered with. They have had very limited access to the internet, so they were delighted when they finally had an opportunity to send us an update!

I apologize to anyone who has been looking at my blog for updates on the trip and has not seen any. The WiFi at the guesthouse is down so I have not had much access to any internet.

Anyways, here is what has been going on so far…We met with the 3 adoption centers here in Poland and the meetings went very well! The 3 centers consist of the Catholic center, Provincial center, and National center. Each center operates a little differently and it was wonderful to learn more about the adoption process from their point of view.

Today, we are visiting two orphanages and a group home so we will get to meet some of the children that are available for adoption. I am jumping for joy I am so excited to meet them!!

If you are open to children with Downs, HIV, and sibling groups then this could be the perfect program for you.

I will post more as soon as I am able. ☺️

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Haiti Program to Double in 2017

haiti-websiteChildren of All Nations recently received a very exciting update from Haiti on our re-accreditation and quota for the upcoming years, stating that we can now accept TWICE as many families as before! This is wonderful news, as each family that submits their dossier to Haiti means another child is coming home. Our Haiti adoption program is very near and dear to our hearts, and CAN’s matching specialists are incredibly passionate about finding homes for children in Haiti.

CAN’s Haiti adoption program has both a Healthy Track and a Waiting Child program. This makes it a great option for many families, whether they’re looking to adopt a younger medically healthy child or they’re open to adopting an older child, a sibling group, or a child with medical needs. The needs of children in the Waiting Child track often vary, and can vary anywhere from very minor to more moderate or severe depending on the child. As the process for CAN’s Waiting Child adoption program is different from that of the Healthy Track program, we encourage any families that are interested in learning more about it to reach out to our matching specialists!

We have already filled our Healthy Track spots for 2016, and our 2017 spots are filling up quickly! 

If your family is interested in learning more about our Haiti Healthy Track or Waiting Child program, contact our CAN matching specialists today!


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