Ethiopia Adoption

Children of All Nations is not currently accepting applications for our Ethiopia adoption program. Please contact us to learn about similar programs. 

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About Ethiopia Adoption

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world, and its capital city, Addis Ababa, is often referred to as the capital of Africa. Located in the eastern most part of Africa, this country’s diverse terrain includes mountains, desert and tropical forests, and it is famous for being the origin of the coffee bean. Home to more than 78 million people, Ethiopia is the second most populous nation in Africa.
After years of conflict, droughts and famine, the Transitional Government of Ethiopia was set up in 1991, with an 87 strong Council of Representatives and a transitional constitution. In 1994, a multi-party democracy formed, and the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia was adopted. Elections for parliament were held in 1995, and the government was installed in August of that year. Ethiopia is one of the few African countries that support inter-country adoption. Their international adoption program opened in 1999 and has grown significantly throughout the years. In 2011, Ethiopia placed 1,732 children with families from the United States. The Adoption Team in the Children and Youth Affairs Office (CYAO), operating under the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA), is the primary adoption authority in Ethiopia. CAN works with our Ethiopia accredited partner agency to help families welcome home children from Ethiopia. This allows us to provide our families with a seamless process and current information from start to finish. With families currently traveling in Ethiopia to bring home their children and more referrals continually arriving, our Ethiopia adoption program is going strong! If you would like more information about our Ethiopia call our adoption consultants today at (512)323-9595 or send us an email.

Children Available

*We are no longer accepting applications for Ethiopia infants. If you are interested in a child 0-5+ years old we will accept your application; however, the wait time is over 3 years. If you are interested in a child that is over age 8, a sibling group or a Waiting Child we would be happy to help you.

Ethiopian children are orphaned or abandoned for a number of reasons stemming from the country’s widespread poverty, disease and other overwhelming social issues. These children available for adoption remain in orphanages until they are placed with a family. All children available for adoption have received medical testing. When selecting a child(ren), consider that you may adopt the following:

  • Healthy Boys and girls ages 8 and up
  • Special needs children
  • Two or more siblings at one time
  • Two or more unrelated children at one time, if the children have special needs

If you would like more information, please give us a call today at (512)323-9595 or send us an email!

Ethiopia Adoption Requirements

In addition to the USCIS eligibility requirements for prospective adoptive parent(s),Ethiopia has the below adoption eligibility requirements. If you have concerns about your eligibility to adopt from Ethiopia, please contact us for a free case-by-case consultation regarding your adoption.

  • Citizenship: One Adoptive parent must be a US citizen.
  • Age: Adoptive parents must be between 25-60 years of age. Prospective adoptive parent must be no more than 40 years older than the child (calculated from adoptive mother, if close in age).
  • Marriage Status: Married couples are eligible to adopt if they have been married at least one year.
  • Health: Prospective adoptive parents must receive pre-approval for any questionable medical conditions, including but not limited to, history of heart disease and depression. Prospective adoptive parents with a history of cancer do not qualify.
  • Income: There is no minimum income required. However, you must meet the income requirements provided by USCIS for the child to immigrate.
  • Criminal History: Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence or domestic violence are not eligible to adopt.

Ethiopia adoption eligibility requirements are subject to change per Ethiopia’s adoption laws. CAN updates these guidelines as necessary.

If you would like more information about our program, call us today at (512)323-9595 or email us.

Adoption Timeline

The time frame to complete international adoption from Ethiopia is currently about 15-24 months, depending on the time families take to complete their dossier paperwork, their preferences for age and gender, and Ethiopia’s in-country processes. This timeframe for Ethiopia adoption is subject to change; please consult CAN for the most current processing times for your adoption from Ethiopia.

The Process

1. Application and Approval

To adopt a child, please complete our online agency application. If you have any concerns about eligibility requirements, please contact us before filling out this application. We will promptly review your eligibility to adopt from Ethiopia once we receive your application. If approved, we will provide you with our agency contract that outlines our fees, services and important information regarding the Ethiopia adoption process. Upon receipt of your signed contract, CAN will work with one of our sister agencies that make up our *Family of Ethiopia Advocates.

*Our Family of Ethiopia Advocates is comprised of Hague accredited adoption agencies that assist us in providing your family with placement services for children from

2. The Paper Chase

Once your agency contract is in place, you will be assigned to an adoption counselor and begin assembling your dossier. This will include a home study, which will assess your readiness for international adoption from Ethiopia and help prepare you for adoptive parenthood, filing with USCIS for international adoption approval, and gathering the required dossier documents. These dossier documents must go through the appropriate notarization and certification, as well as authentication by the Ethiopia Embassy in the U.S. Your dossier will be reviewed and assembled at our headquarters in Austin, TX, before being sent to the Ethiopia adoption authorities for approval. CAN offers a complete Elite Dossier Service to ease your international adoption process and give you peace of mind.

To ensure that prospective adoptive parents are prepared for their international adoption journey, our agency requires that parents complete 10 hours of adoption training as mandated by the Hague Convention. To satisfy these hours, we have developed an online parent training program that we are proud to include in CAN’s service plan. For an overview of the program, please click here.

3. Identifying a Child

Once your dossier is approved by the Ethiopian government, a child is identified based on your preferences for gender, age and health status. You will receive a description of the child(ren), including the child(ren)’s history, medical test results and photos. You will have two weeks to review your child(ren)’s information before you must either accept or decline the referral.

4. Completing the Adoption

Your first trip to Ethiopia will occur shortly after receiving your referral. During this initial visit, you will attend a court hearing, which will confirm your family’s desire to adopt the child and begin the processing of all necessary adoption paperwork. At least one parent must travel for this initial trip, however it is recommended that both adoptive parents go. If only one adoptive parent is able to travel, they will be required to bring a Power of Attorney letter with them, signed by both parents.

5. Picking up Your Child

You will travel a second time after the Ethiopian courts have approved the adoption. The main purpose of this trip will be to take custody of the child(ren) and to secure a US visa for your child(ren). While we certainly encourage adoptive parents to travel this second time, families do have the option of utilizing an adoption escort service for this trip. CAN will assist you with your travel preparations, schedule your flights and arrange all accommodations. We provide an experienced guide to be with you every step of the way.

6. Post Adoption Requirements

You will be required to submit post adoption reports completed by your home study agency, at three months, six months and one year after your international adoption from Ethiopia is finalized. After the first year, families assume the responsibility of filing post-adoption reports yearly until the child turns 18. This is a commitment that you and your home study agency must sign when submitting documents for the adoption from Ethiopia.

Orphanage Information

We work in a number of different regions and have found that the orphanages in or near a city are usually better quality than those that are found along the countryside. When a child has been orphaned or abandoned, he or she must be registered with the Ethiopian government to initiate a two-month waiting period. After this period, the child can be declared legally available for adoption.

During this time, children live in orphanages run by licensed non-governmental organizations (NGOs). CAN’s partner agency works directly with small NGOs to help support the care of children during the adoption process which allows us to be familiar with specific needs of the children.

The medical care available to orphaned children is good, and medical records are kept on each child receiving care. Child Profile Reports , which include all relevant medical and developmental history, are completed and shared with adoptive families. Photographs of the children will also be shared with families at the time of referral.